A few days of sunshine and I feel incredibly refreshed. At this time of year I feel I am waiting for Spring; the warm sun, the brilliant green on the trees and flowers bursting from the earth injects me with renewed life and energy. Trampled and muddy park corners littered with cigarette butts and beer bottles burst into floral patchworks and children's noses don't need to be wiped quite so often. It's a sign of long hot summer days to come.

In January I'd collected Christmas trees left to await bin men so we had a big blaze with them in the back garden to mark Spring. I think we were a little premature, officially Spring is over two weeks away still and before the fire warmed us we were frozen to the bone, trying resist the urge to run back inside for a hot cup of tea and a radiator.

We have coaxed Linny out of the house a few times (the winter seems to have given her a great attachment to being inside) to try and inspire her once again about the great outdoors. She has been scribbling chalk on pavements, learning how to use the Kelly Kettle to brew homegrown mint tea and scooting about on her balance bike. We sowed our first seeds of the year this weekend which felt very exciting as we hope to take some of these plants with us to France for harvest later in the year.

For Ira, these past few bright days have been some of the first as a baby big enough to be able to explore by herself. Last summer there were blissful times outside lying peacefully taking in the breeze or the sunshine and sounds but now she shuffles around able to reach out and take handfuls grass, clamber up plant pots and eat far too much soil. It is so exciting to see her begin to discover nature and enjoy being part of it.


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