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Snow was forecast for the beginning of the month but it didn't fall here in the village. We tried to head to one of the nearest places to ski for some snow shoeing but roads weren't accessible without snow tyres or chains. I'd naively imagined that the roads toward a ski resort would be gritted but apparently that doesn't always happen. We were so painfully aware of how we are definitely still tourists, as we chugged along an icey road, gratefully following the municipal snow plough. The bus got us far enough to play in some snow which made the girls very happy until they were very unhappy! Despite my best efforts to layer them up so much that I thought it impossible to get cold I think the freezing gusts of wind penetrated the gloves and their hands got them before they had chance to sledge. The drive was incredibly beautiful. The Plateau de Sault, as it's name suggests, is a large flat expanse, quite bare and surrounded by hills and mountains. There was a strong …


We left for the UK via Normandy in the middle of December. Driving up through France under an overcast sky and spending one very chilly night, sleeping in the van in a carpark lit too brightly for comfort by it's Christmas lights.
We first celebrated with family in Normandy and then again in Somerset. We caught up with as many friends as possible, sung carols, drank port and enjoyed precious time with family.

The day before we left back for home, a new nephew was born and at the same time in France, a neice also came into the world. The best Christmas presents of all for everyone.

Then, after meeting the new additions to the family, it was back down through a frozen France, this time with a stay in a roadside hotel. 'We're in a ho-tail, we're in a ho-tail' chanted Little L, diving from one bed to the other. This time we used the autoroutes to avoid any un-gritted roads and crossed the Garonne covered in frozen fog, three small fishermen huts on stilts ('carrelets…