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Before children, uprooting my life wouldn't have phased me too much. Even when Florent and I were looking for somewhere to live when we were unexpectedly expecting Linny it felt quite exciting (albeit stressful at times...) but now there are not just our own feelings to consider. Not just my worries that I might be lonely, that renovating a crumbling house will be too much for us or that I'll never be able to decipher the local accent but the responsibility we have for our children and their feelings. The prospect of trapsing a few hundred miles in a van (that our gut feeling informs us will break down before we get there) with two small children to live insecurely is something that some days feels overwhelming.

I've been surprised at how much I have thought about how the move may unsettle Linny: Leaving her nursery, her friends, her extended family, the familiarity of our neighbourhood.. Rationally I am quite certain that on balance she will gain so much more than she will…